"You were born in a small town in Mexico. What was it like growing up there? Was there any sense of a music scene at all?

It was quiet. I didn’t have many friends as a kid. I think I was a bit scared of people…

But; I do have a really loving family, so we’d spend all of our holidays together - sometimes at home, traveling somewhere or just hanging out with all of my cousins and relatives. There wasn’t a lot to do - but enough for me to collect many beautiful memories that still make me happy. My parents are photographers so I’ve always been related to art. My mom also loved singing when she was a young woman - but I think I got into music by myself. There isn’t a lot of a ‘music scene’ in my city: only small contests I always joined (and choirs etc.)…but not a lot.

Mexico has so much to offer and a lot of beautiful music - but finding the right places for you as an artist is sometimes hard if you live in a small town.

Do you spend a lot of time in Mexico? What is the music culture like in the country? Yes. That’s where my home is; the place I always go to after traveling. The music culture is really different. I think there are many great artists in my country, and our ‘classics’ have turned into some sort of anthem for us. It’s diverse, rich; colorful, interesting. I love boleros and mariachi whenever I listen to them…I just go back in time. There’s also Rock, Pop; Jazz and more international things as well - it’s diverse if you know how to find it. It seems like music came into your life early. What made you take up performance and songwriting? Which artists inspired you to write your own material? As soon as my parents realized I could sing; they’d always encourage me to do it - so I just started loving it more than anything else. I took some piano lessons for a few years but then quit because that training wasn’t for me. When I was thirteen; I started to take my singing as a serious thing: I self-taught (myself) to play the piano and, eventually, started writing my own songs. I have to say that one of the main reasons I started to write music was: Jazz. Nina Simone was the first approach I had to songwriting as something beyond my own singing. It was all about having that fire in your stomach that comes when you are completely lost in music. I just fell in love with it…the process; the beauty of free expression, freedom itself… it’s all pure magic. She’s one of my biggest inspirations of all time."