After releasing my first EP, written, performed and co-produced alongside Todd Clouser, it came the opportunity to work with someone from the industrty whose guidance seemed to be the promise of me, finding my artistry, and eventually, a prosperous career.

I devotedly wrote music every single day, non-stop, music that was eventually sent and registered.

After 1 year and a half of pure dedication, I seemed lost, and by that time is when I flew to New York, the city that saved and changed the course of my whole life and purpose.

From now on, I not only share music from the core of my own being, but I also share thoughts, art and a vision. I make the decision of doing so under my birth name in its fullest expression:


Changing my name, my ethos and my influences is a process that happened in the course of several experiences, and as the poetic being I am, it is a matter of "eras", and this being the beginning of one, in which I am entirely myself. Found.