Natáliyah, meaning: the birth of God, is the name and this body was conceived and born in Mexico, in a Photographer’s family. 

 A daydreaming girl whose singing career started in the chorus of a catholic school and the piano lessons I took during the afternoons. Growing up I mainly existed in invisible worlds, imaginary stories and huge fantasies, painting every blank space I could find and always aiming for what seemed impossible. I traveled alone for the first time at 17, when I moved in to Canadá in order for me to master a second language I deeply love: English. Once back from such travesy, started University, same one I dropped off one year later when I decided to go all in with music. 


Naive, hopeful and passionate in the idea of constructing a career, I started posting videos of me singing, and about 1 month later: I got an offer to work as the Singer-Headliner in a luxurious International Resort in Mexico for a six month period of time. I sang every night, 2 hours and six days a week, gaining confidence, love and passion for singing as well as a great income that, later on, and after quitting: I invested on an EP’s production. I saw my EP as a portfolio I could show to great people in the Industry, so later on I could be supported  by a team that believed in me. Little did I know about the industry and about the rules this game is played by, yet, I did it anyway. 


In that same year (2017-2018), I moved in to London city, where, 1 year earlier and before quitting University, I discovered the magic of sound, diversity and a community. For 6 months I self promoted that first EP: “Shadowman” and got several interviews, radio appearances, features and even a key important event: a well known Producer’s proposal for working together on an artistic career. The promise became the burning fire of purpose when I moved in Back to Mexico. 

For 1 year and a half, I devotedly wrote every single day, recorded demos and sent them over to him, in my head, it was the promise of getting somewhere with music, until one day, after feeling completely out of place and hopeless: I bought a ticket to NYC, no reason for it. 


During my stay in the city, I studied jazz, got inspired and performed in places such as; The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, Pete’s Candy Store and the Bowery Electric, to name a few. I gained a following, love, friends and a community, but the real purpose of that journey invaded my heart during the solstice of 2019, when I had a revelation. A completely different purpose arose from the depths of my core and I'd do the impossible to make it possible: I was going to write a very special and conceptual album, portraying what I (and many other poets and philosophers) like to call The awakening of the Spirit


At this moment, I am working on the creative development of such album, my mastery as a producer and I am releasing a handful of singles I worked on before the Album Idea.


From the Isolated corners of this room, there remains a promise of hearing from me very soon. x